Film & TV

HalfPint Wholesale is a used leather goods warehouse in Portland, Oregon. We supply unique vintage and modern used leather goods and accessories to film studios, costume designers, art departments and theater companies.



Items available include (All items are genuine leather: no bonded leather, vinyl or pleather):

    • Western boots, pull-on work boots/ropers (modern and vintage/exotic skins and non-exotic): all sizes men’s, women’s and children’s
    • Winter boots (modern and vintage)
    • Men’s dress shoes
    • Doubles or near doubles often available
    • Largest/best selection of vintage purses from all eras from early 20th century to modern designer(beaded, tooled, exotic skins, clutches, woven, hippie, ethnic/world etc)
    • Leather belts(all vintage styles distressed, and doubles)

All of HalfPint’s product has been hand selected by experienced staff, meaning that orders will not generate the large quantity of by-product typically associated with rag house purchase orders. We are unique because we have the largest selection and best quality of consolidated used leather goods on the West Coast at affordable prices.


Purchasing Options:

In-person appointments at our wholesale warehouse showroom: boots, bags and belts organized by categories and bins facilitating quick and easy to find purchases with no unnecessary digging or fuss. With adequate notice we can pregrade product for you to choose from during your appointment.

Custom orders: Handpicked personalized orders based on your specifications (sizes, styles, eras etc) and ship out to you quickly and efficiently. We can do rush orders as well.

We are conveniently located within a five minute drive of the Portland International Airport, with a large selection of hotels in the immediate vicinity.


For questions, pricing, appointments or shipments please give us a call or email | (971) 373-8452